Hip And Knee Doc

Dr. LaButti, the only name you need to know for HIPS and KNEES!
Dr. LaButti is the “GO TO” doctor when it’s hard to “GET GOING”!
Be what you want to be with a new HIP or KNEE!

Dr. Ronald LaButti

Dr. Ronald LaButti

Tulsa, Oklahoma Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Ron LaButti

Picture yourself going for a walk in your neighborhood or climbing the stairs without hip or knee pain. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Your dreams can come true – and it all starts with a call to Dr. Ron LaButti.

That’s because Dr. LaButti has one goal for his patients: to help them return to their normal, everyday activities free of pain. Our patients Patients come from all over the Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri areas to see Dr. LaButti.

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