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Considering Hip Replacement Surgery? Know your options!

Traditional vs. Direct Anterior Approach for Hip Replacement.

In traditional hip replacement surgery you can expect a 8-12 inch incision. The surgical approach is side (lateral) or back (posterior). Disturbance of the joint and connecting tissues.

In direct anterior approach you can expect a 4-6 inch incision, the surgical approach is from the front (anterior). The muscles or tendons are not detached.

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Dr. Ron LaButti receives Best of the Best in Oklahoma

Linda L.He did bi lateral hip replacements for me !! I went from a wheelchair to walking with zero pain!! He is amazing!! He did my friends knees and she is doing fantastic!!! I woke up from my 1 st surgery in zero pain.. 5 weeks later I had my 2nd surgery… blew right through with out pain!! He is amazing!!

Cynthia J. Dr. Labutti has done two surgeries on my hip in 2002 and total hip replacement in 2013. I trust him on the decision of my health and follow up every year. I appreciate him giving me relief of my pain.


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