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Hip Surgery Technology

High-tech options for hip replacement.

Dr. LaButti is always on the leading edge of orthopedic surgery in the Tulsa area. In 2004, he was the first surgeon in Tulsa to perform computer assisted joint surgery.

For hip replacement, Dr. LaButti offers a variety of materials and techniques that can be customized precisely for your health needs and lifestyle. One of the most important of these is the Ceramic-on-Ceramic hip replacement option. This high-tech hip implant can last up to 20-30 years, unlike older hip implants, which can be expected to last 10-15 years. Its durability also makes it a better option for younger, more active patients.

Ceramic-on-Ceramic Hip Replacement is a new prosthesis that orthopedic surgeons can now offer to younger, more active patients whose mobility is limited by arthritis or joint injury. The new titanium sleeve increases the ceramic insert strength by 50%, and a peripheral rim protects the ceramic insert from impingement against the neck of the stem. The alumina ceramic bearing surfaces demonstrate significantly less wear than traditional systems in hip simulation testing because of an extremely low degree of friction. The components of traditional artificial hip replacements, which feature metal on plastic surfaces, can wear away over time, releasing debris into the joint and surrounding tissues. This wear debris, which may be higher in younger, more active patients, can cause a loss of bone called osteolysis, a leading cause of implant failures.

After six years of clinical trials, this prosthesis is now available for patients who are looking forward to a more active lifestyle. Patients can now benefit from hip replacement while they are young enough to enjoy their favorite activities, like golfing, biking or tennis. In the past, hip systems traditionally performed well for approximately 10-15 years. Many eligible patients put off the procedure to avoid the prospect of returning for revision hip surgery. This new ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacement may last 20-30 years.

Dr. LaButti uses the latest high-tech hip surgery technology available.


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