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Meet Dr. Ronald LaButti
Tulsa, Oklahoma Orthopedic Surgeon

Meet Dr. Ronald LaButti, who is widely known throughout Oklahoma and across the nation as one of Tulsa’s top hip and knee surgeons. Dr. LaButti has been voted “Best of the Best” award 2011 – 2019 by Oklahoma Magazine as Tulsa’s top HIP and KNEE doctor. He has built his reputation by consistently providing orthopedic care that is second to none. Dr. LaButti understands each situation is different and works one-on-one with his patients to determine the best course of action for them. Choosing the orthopedic surgeon that is right for you and your specific needs is a very important decision.

What makes Dr. LaButti stand out from everyone else? His excellent outcomes and patient care. Dr. LaButti makes himself accessible to every patient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Forgot to ask Dr. LaButti a question at your appointment, you can call him on his cell or shoot him an email. You will also see Dr. LaButti at every appointment since he does not have a mid-level provider.

Dr. LaButti is board-certified in orthopedic surgery, as well as fellowship-trained in lower extremity and joint reconstruction. His expertise is broadly based on advanced training he has received from some of the country’s premier medical programs.

Dr. LaButti will see patients for  shoulder and foot/ankle pain providing they have not had surgery. Patients must also be 12 months post-op.

  • All operative notes. 
  • Complete record from physician’s clinic.
  • Pre and post op X-rays.
  • Any lab work done after surgery.

If you want an honest, straight foward opinion with a comprehensive treatment plan, Dr. LaButti is the best HIP & KNEE doc for you! He doesn’t sugar coat your situation and insists his patients follow his surgery protocol and rehab instructions to get the best results.

Dr. LaButti is an expert in robotic surgery and has performed over 2,200 robotic knee replacement surgery with the OMNIBotics system, more than any surgeon in the Tulsa area. Unlike other robotic systems, OMNIBotics does not require a CT Scan prior to surgery. That’s one less office visit and expense to the patient.

If you’ve been told you need surgery, you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion. Dr. LaButti will exhaust all non-surgical options before he recommends surgery. Dr. LaButti will provide you with a personalized treatment plan so you and your family can make an informed decision on what’s best for you.

Throughout his career, Dr. LaButti has worked hard to stay on the leading edge of his specialty through rigorous continuing education and research. Yet, as impressive as his extensive level of medical training is, Dr. LaButti’s compassion and genuine concern for each and every one of his patients is what truly sets him apart.

Dr. LaButti is also committed to training surgeons at Oklahoma State University, as well as to making regular presentations to the medical community and worker’s compensation professionals. Dedicated to serving the Tulsa community, Dr. LaButti also addresses senior citizens groups, volunteers at local schools and contributes his time and resources to many different local charities including Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa Cares (a non-profit organization which provides social services to people affected by HIV/AIDS), Tulsa Police Foundation, Blue Star Mothers of Oklahoma, and the Tulsa Ballet.

Dr. LaButti is in private practice at Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, Tulsa’s PREMIER bone and joint specialist. Dr. LaButti has 20 partners who provide excellent care for Sports Medicine, Spine, Hand, Foot/Ankle, Shoulder/Elbow as well as seven physical therapies centers across Green Country.

Dr. Ronald LaButti enjoys life in midtown Tulsa with his wife, Robin, their daughter, Sophia, and the family’s Labrador Retriever Henri, Coco Rose their Yorkie, and Teddy their Havapoo.

Read testimonials from Dr. LaButti's patients!

Here’s what Dr. LaButti’s patients have to say:

Linda L.He did bi lateral hip replacements for me !! I went from a wheelchair to walking with zero pain!! He is amazing!! He did my friends knees and she is doing fantastic!!! I woke up from my 1 st surgery in zero pain.. 5 weeks later I had my 2nd surgery… blew right through with out pain!! He is amazing!!

Mattie E. THE BEST!!! My husband had both knees replaced by Dr LaButti “several” years ago. He went from hardly being able to walk because of all his pain to NEVER complaining anymore!
If you want the BEST…… ……………call (918) 514-3009. We HIGHLY recommend him

Carol F. He is in the process of taking my messed up , bone infected knee from a previous surgery from a dif doc , to making me well and soon putting in a new one , if infection is gone . He is no nonsense, doc . There in a minute if you need him

Dale H. Dr. LaButti performed a complete knee replacement on my right leg. The knee is great, no pain, walking/exercising. I would recommend him to anyone who was having knee/hip problems.

Sherry T. I have had both knees replaced by the age of 50 by Dr LaButti which I am very thankful for so when my husband had issues I sent him there. Dr LaButti could have said surgery is needed but he did not, he said unless he was worried about how his arm looked or unless he was a professional sports person he did not need surgery. My husband was all ready for surgery but was so relieved when it was not needed…. So my story is I trust Dr LaButti to do what’s best for us.

Miles R. Thank you Dr. LaButti. You successfully replaced both of my knees and I definitely have a better, pain free, quality of life. Couldn’t be happier!

Cynthia J. Dr. Labutti has done two surgeries on my hip in 2002 and total hip replacement in 2013. I trust him on the decision of my health and follow up every year. I appreciate him giving me relief of my pain.

Cathy R.  I had both my hips done by Doctor Labutti back to back let me tell you he’s absolutely the best I had the best care I had the best of everything . Thank you so much doctor laButti you’re absolutely the best. That was 2 years ago now , and I’m doing great.

Denise M.  I had my left knee replaced in June of this year and my right knee in October this year as well. It has been quite a year getting through the recovery of both surgeries, but I am totally convinced that Dr. Ronalsd LaButti was the right orthopedic surgeon for this job. I have benn 100% satisfied with all aspects of care from him and his staff. I was also very impressed with Oklahoma Surgical Hospital for both procedures. It was the best hospital experiences I have ever had. I am looking foward to 2016 and pain-free knees. Thank you Dr. Ronald LaButti.


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