Hip And Knee Doc


Hip and Knee Doc, Dr. LaButtiExpert care for knee, hip and other joint injuries with the Workers’ Comp experience you need.

Tulsa Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ron LaButti evaluates and and gives excellent care for work injuries to the HIP and Knee knee. He’s built a reputation throughout Oklahoma for providing objective, reliable services to injured workers, employers and Workers’ Compensation professionals.

Dr. LaButti provides nonsurgical management, rehab, and expert surgical care, including joint replacement and minimally invasive arthroscopy. Dr. LaButti is one of the few orthopedic surgeons in Oklahoma with advanced fellowship training in lower extremity joint reconstruction.

  • Dr. LaButti performs 100% of his surgeries, from start to finish. He is meticulous and demanding of himself and his team. Dr. LaButti also expects patients to do their part. He works closely with patients to make sure they know exactly what to expect and what they must do to get the best outcome from treatment.
  • Dr. LaButti provides comprehensive diagnostics and thorough evaluations for acute work related injuries. He also performs IMEs (independent medical examinations) offers second opinions and Form A for Workers Compensation cases.
  • Our team also includes a full-time Workers’ Compensation Coordinator with specific experience with the Oklahoma Workers’ Comp system. He and Dr. LaButti provide accurate, complete reporting that makes the process as easy as possible for employers, Workers’ Compensation case managers, attorneys and patients.
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