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Nonsurgical Knee Treatment

Closeup portrait of a happy elderly woman with hands togetherNonsurgical treatments for knee pain.

Dr. LaButti is a conservative surgeon – that means he will help you get the best possible results in the way that’s easiest on you. He recommends surgery only as a last resort. To help control pain, improve mobility and delay the need for surgery, Dr. LaButti offers complete nonsurgical care for knee problems, including: Exercise and physical therapy to help decrease pain, increase flexibility and improve your overall health – physically, mentally and emotionally. Dr. LaButti will direct your exercise and/or physical therapy and will prescribe exercises that are right for you, depending on your medical history and current level of ability.
  • A personalized joint care treatment plan. Dr. LaButti will educate you about listening to your body so you know how to take better care of your joints. You may also benefit from a cane or other device to help protect your knee.
  • Pain relief. Simple things like hot packs or cold packs can relieve joint pain. Topical pain relieving creams or sprays can also help. Dr. LaButti will talk with you about strategies like these and other simple, low-risk ways to control your pain.
If you require medication for pain, an over-the-counter drug may be all you need. Acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (like Motrin) and other over-the-counter drugs all have pros and cons. Dr. LaButti will talk to you about which ones are appropriate for you. Prescription drugs may become necessary to control pain and reduce inflammation. Dr. LaButti prescribes these with great care and careful monitoring. Joint injections may also be recommended, using corticosteroids and/or hyaluronic acid (found in the body’s natural cartilage) to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
  • Dr. LaButti may also recommend you take the nutritional supplements glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate – this combination shows great promise as a natural treatment for arthritis.
Read more detailed information from Dr. LaButti on the nonsurgical treatment of knee pain, here.


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