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Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell therapy, Dr. LaButtiAre you looking for knee replacement alternative, Stem Cell Therapy may be an option? If you have a soft tissue injury and conservative care such as physical therapy, steroid injections, and NSAIDs have not helped; there is another non-surgical option in Tulsa, Oklahoma you should know about aside from steroid injections. Soft tissue injuries are often caused by either a trauma or overuse of the affected area. Micro-tears in the tissue form and become inflamed. Scar tissue may form and impeded a full recovery. Conservative treatments of oral or topical anti-inflammatories and rest will usually help heal the injury, but if additional treatment is needed you may consider stem cell therapy. Stem cell injections contain naturally occurring agents to reduce inflammation and scar tissue and enhance healing of micro-tears in soft tissue.

Stem cell injections can be used to treat soft tissue injuries such as:

  • Tendinitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sprains
  • Bursitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Relief from chronic back pain
What are Amnion Stem Cell Injections? ALLOGEN-LI is a human placental tissue matrix. There have been over 120,000 allografts distributed for soft tissue applications in eye surgery, dental surgery, orthopedic surgery and wound care. Other forms of amniotic membrane have been used for almost 100 years.

What Benefits do Amnion Stem Cell Injections Offer?

Amnion injections are very safe and effective. The injections:
  • Contain no steroids. Instead, the injections rely on naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents, such as cytokines.
  • Contain hyaluronic acid, which lubricates cartilage and promotes new cartilage growth.
  • Contains growth factors which stimulate tissue growth.
  • Reduce scar tissue.
  • Enhance healing of micro-tears in soft tissues.
How does Amnion Stem Cell Therapy Work? While cortisone and other drugs only provide temporary pain relief, amnion –derived injections can help modulate the correct type of tissue repair while providing pain relief. The growth factors in amnion-derived injections may replace damaged cells in your body. Additionally, amnion-derived injections contain hyaluronic acid, which lubricates joints and tendons easing the pain and helping restore mobility. What are Growth Factors? Growth factors are powerful agents that are capable of stimulating cellular migration, cellular growth, cellular duplication and cellular differentiation. Growth factors contained in ALLOGEN-LI signal local cells to help heal the damaged tissue. Are Amnion Stem Cell Injections Safe? Yes. More than 10,000 injections have been performed without a single reported adverse side effect. Amnion-derived tissue is well researched, safe and effective. Ophthalmologists’ and plastic surgeons have used Amnion derived tissues for over 20 years. All amnion tissues go through a rigorous screening process, as determined by the Food and drug Administration and the American Association of Tissue Banks. What is the Treatment Process Like? Once you and your physician have discussed the options and decided that you would like to try ALLOGEN-LI, your physician can provide the injection during a brief, outpatient procedure at our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The injection site may appear red and tender to the touch and you may apply ice and elevation as needed. Initially the procedure may cause some localized soreness and discomfort that may last 2-3 days. Am I a Candidate for Amnion Stem Cell Therapy? Patients suffering from any kind of joint, tendon or ligament pain may be considered as candidates for amnion injection therapy. Patients with severe degenerative osteoarthritis may not be eligible for this type of therapy. This unique tissue, available as an injection is comprised of growth factors, collagens and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in your body’s ability to regenerate degenerative tissue. Since joint pain is caused by damaged cartilage, amnion –derived allografts may potentially replace the damaged cells and help the body to create new stronger and healthier cells. The procedure can be performed in the comfort of our office.

Reimbursement Information:

Will my Insurance Cover the Cost of this Procedure? While amnion-derived allografts have been used for decades to treat a variety of diseases their application in orthopedic and sports- related procedures is relatively new. Because of this, insurance companies may not cover the treatment but we are happy to offer alternative payment options. What is the cost of treatment? The cost of an amnion regenerative injection varies based on the length of the treatment. Call 918-514-3009 to book your consultation or request an appointment online and check the “Stem Cell Therapy” box!


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