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Dr. LaButti, Hip and Knee DocJoint replacement and surgical alternatives for common knee problems.

Dr. LaButti is now offering Stem Cell Therapy.

Joint replacement of the knee can give you a new lease on life – when you choose the right surgeon. When it comes to knee surgery, few doctors in the country have the advanced training, years of experience and track record equal to Dr. LaButti.

Dr. LaButti trained under the country’s recognized expert in joint reconstruction, during his postdoctoral Fellowship at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has performed thousands of joint replacement procedures.

Why consider a total joint replacement of the knee? A successful joint replacement can dramatically reduce joint pain, increase your movement and help you return to most of your routine activities, like enjoying a walk, gardening, going to the grocery store and the general activities of daily living. Your daily activity can increase with Dr. Labutti’s help.

Read what some of Dr. LaButtis patients say about their knee replacements and why they chose Dr. LaButti to perform their procedures.

As a highly trained knee surgeon, Dr. LaButti also performs:

Arthroscopy – a minimally invasive procedure used to see inside the knee joint and treat problems without the need for a long incision

Osteotomy – a procedure used to relieve knee pain for younger, more active patients who are not candidates for joint replacement

Arthritis treatment with the UniSpacer Knee System – an alternative treatment for people with early stage osteoarthritis of the knee, to relieve pain, increase mobility and delay the need for total joint replacement.

Dr. LaButti performs joint replacement and surgical alternatives along with other knee surgeries as indicated. Learn more about knee replacement, the risks and benefits of surgery, what to expect from knee surgery and much more, here.

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