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Dr. LaButti, Knee SurgeonThe latest knee surgery technology.

Dr. LaButti is a conservative surgeon – that means he will help you get the best possible results in the way that’s easiest on you. He recommends surgery only as a last resort.Dr. LaButti offers some of the most technologically advanced techniques available for knee surgery. He was the first surgeon in Tulsa to perform computer assisted joint surgery in 2004 and he is dedicated to bringing the safest, most effective technologies to our area.
Computer assisted knee surgery. Computer-assisted surgery helps the surgeon align the bones and joint with a level of accuracy not possible with the naked eye. This revolutionary technique promises improved alignment, ligament balance and potentially increased longevity for total knee replacement and improved knee joint stability. The Stryker Surgical Navigation System is the most advanced system of its kind in the Tulsa area. Dr. LaButti first worked with the system during his fellowship with Orthopedic Surgeon and designer Dr. Ken Krackow on the first generation in 1999. Dr. LaButti performed the first computer assisted knee surgery in Tulsa in May of 2004. The two main variables attributed to a successful knee replacement are proper alignment and balance of the knee ligaments. This system greatly minimizes, or in some instances, completely eliminates those variables. The Stryker knee surgery navigation system uses an infrared camera and markers along with unique instruments and tracking software to continually monitor the position and mechanical alignment of the implant components relative to the patient’s knee anatomy. Smart wireless instruments send data pertaining to the knee kinematics (movement) to a computer. The computer analyzes and displays kinematic data on a computer monitor in the form of charts and graphs that supply the surgeon with the optimum angles, lines and measurements needed to align the prosthetic knee with the patient.Can you achieve similar results without the machine? The answer is yes. One of the many benefits of Dr. LaButti’s Fellowship in total joint replacement is that he learned how to balance and align the knee and the importance of it. Having the computer may take 15 minutes off surgery time, but well trained physicians have been doing this for years with excellent results.

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