Hip And Knee Doc

Taking supplements? Tell your physician before surgery!

If you are scheduled for surgery be sure to tell your surgeon and anesthesiologist what supplements you are taking. There are a several that you will need to stop before surgery.


You may not need a referral to see me!

Most insurance plans don’t require a referral to see a specialist but if you’re plan does, my office will contact your primary care physician for you.

Non-surgerical options may relieve your hip or knee pain and the sooner you get treatment the better chance you have of a quicker recovery. Call my office at 918-514-3009 or request an appointment online at www.hipandkneedoc.com.

Considering hip or knee replacement this fall? Book your surgery now!

If you’ve been in to see me and are waiting to schedule your surgery for the fall you need to call my office and reserve your surgery date!

Everyone wants their surgery in November and December and dates are filling up. If I recommended surgery and you’re on the fence feel free to make another appointment with me to revisit your options.

Call 918-514-3009 and ask for Susie in surgery scheduling or send me a message via www.hipandkneedoc.com.

Have a great weekend!


Surgery may not be the answer to your hip or knee pain!

What activities have you had to give up because of hip or knee pain?

First step is conservative options like physical therapy, non-steroidals and injections which may help alleviate your pain. If those don’t work then we discuss surgical options.

If you’ve been told you need surgery, I’m happy to give you a second opinion.

To make a personal consultation with me call 918-514-3009 or request an appointment at www.hipandkneedoc.com.

How to Have a Successful Knee Replacement!

A couple of things this article did not include:

1. Pick your doctor carefully and ask friends/family for referrals.
2. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion, you may not need surgery.
3. If you know surgery is the only option, don’t put it off. The older you get the harder the recovery will be.

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