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Give up your Soda!

Scroll down to #5 of the list and see what it does to your bones. My wife was a Diet Coke addict for years, drinking almost 88 ounces every day. Next month is her two year anniversary of kicking the habit cold turkey!

I gave up Mountain Dew about a year ago and occasionally I will order a diet soda at lunch knowing I can pretty much guarantee she’s going to give me the “evil eye” and a guilt trip about “poisoning my body”. Then I get a lecture is about drinking water with lemon because lemon is a natural detox for the liver. She takes lemons pretty seriously. Lemon zest and juice go on everything at our house and every trip to the market requires “lemons”.

I’ll take her obsession with lemons as a sign of love.

Happy wife= happy life!




Dental Clearances for Total Joint Surgery

Prior to joint replacement surgery, I recommend patients see a dentist to address any periodontal disease or tooth decay to avoid infection in the joint replacement after the surgery.

For all patients with joint replacements I recommend life long antibiotic prophylaxis prior to any dental procedures, including cleanings.