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Considering Total Knee Replacement Surgery? Watch this video first!

I have almost 20 years experience with computer assisted knee replacement surgery and have performed over 1500 robotic knee replacement surgeries using the OMNIBotics system with patients having exellent results. In a relatively short time, my patients are back to a painfree, active lifestyle.

This is one of the best demonstrations of the power of robotic total knee replacement. While other technologies exist, no other company has more experience in robotic total knee replacements. Omni remains the leader in this technology and has made excellent advancements while decreasing the cost of healthcare.

Hospitals are not required to buy any hardware or devices; there are no maintenance contracts for hardware or software; system upgrades are free; the system does not require a pre op CT scan or MRI.

I am certified in other robotics systems, but with OMNIbotics the patient gets the benefit of computer assisted robotic knee surgery without added exposure to radiation and cost from a CT scan or MRI.

The moral of the story: not all surgeons are the same. Not all surgeries lead to the same results! Pick wisely. Ask questions!

Watch Video Below: