Hip And Knee Doc

Surgery at the end of the year

Thinking about booking your hip or knee replacement surgery in November or December? Book your consultation now to reserve your surgery date. Susie, my scheduler started booking patients in March for the end of the year. A typical wait is 4-6 weeks depending if you need a cardiac or dental clearance.

If you don’t want to wait please ask Susie to put you on cancellation list!  You can request an appointment online and my staff will contact you for an appointment.

Second opinions… do you need one?

If you have been told you are a candidate for hip or knee surgery I encourage you make an appointment with me for a second opinion. Simply bring your x-rays and reports and I will review them and perform a physical exam to determine a diagnosis.

Picking the right doctor can make all the difference in your outcomes. Book your second opinion by requesting an appointment online and my staff will call you to schedule a convenient time to see me.

How to avoid infection after hip and knee joint replacement surgery!

I will most likely recommend a dental clearance as well. If you don’t have a dentist I can recommend someone who will see you before surgery. If you were instructed to get a dental clearance before your procedure and fail to to do, your surgery will be cancelled until you receive the clearance.