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Stem Cell Treatments For Osteoarthritis- Are They Really Beneficial?

Stem cell is an undifferentiated cell of any multicellular organism which can give rise to more identical cells which can further produce other types of cells via cell differentiation.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy
It is clinically proven that stem cells possess regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. They dampen the harmful responses of the immune system while preserving its ability to fight against invading pathogens, inhibit the inflammation caused due to osteoarthritis, stimulate the proper blood flow, potentiate the formation of new blood vessels, help in the development of cartilage around the joints and repair tissue damage.

Hence, with the help of stem cell treatment you can get relief from the highly inflammatory condition of osteoarthritis and your knee mobility can improve too as the damaged cartilage and tissues around the joint get repaired.

Another advantage of a stem cell treatment is its non-invasive nature. This procedure is performed through intra-articular injection. i.e. direct injections into the joints without any incisions. This way you’re saved from all the negative aspects of a surgical procedure, which include blood loss, chances of infection because of bacterial accumulation on the surgical wound, local or general anesthesia and immense recovery time.

Procedure of Stem Cell Therapy
The most commonly used stem cells are allogenic mesenchymal cells. These stem cells are not embryonic or fetal in nature. They are complete adult stem cells, which are generated from human umbilical cord after healthy births. Before using these cells for stem cell treatment they are properly screened for all genetic and infectious diseases and only completely healthy cells are approved for the transplant. A licensed physician or orthopedic surgeon via intra-articular and intravenous injections injects the cells into the patient’s joint.

During the procedure you’ll remain completely conscious and experience minimal pain in your joints. The post-treatment progress in the functionality of the joints is also monitored in a timely manner with regular follow-ups.

The selection of the right doctor or orthopedic surgeon is extremely important in obtaining the maximum benefits of the stem cell therapy. This is because only a few selected medical practioners can perform this procedure with maximum efficiency, precision and safety.

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